• The Facts

    Palm Beach County is an economic and innovation hub for businesses looking to relocate their corporate headquarters, their entire operation, or expand by opening a location here. Our strengths include a growing and diverse population, a skilled and educated workforce, easy access to international transportation from our airports and port, continued economic growth, business-friendly climate, ever-increasing consumer market, supportive government bodies, and strong asset base. And yes, we also enjoy an executive lifestyle that is the envy of the world.





    111111111111111111.pngPalm Beach County is home to 13 major industry clusters: Agribusiness • Aviation | Aerospace | Engineering • Business | Financial Services • Corporate Headquarters • Distribution and Logistics • Equestrian • Cleantech • Healthcare • International Commerce • IT |Telecommunications • Life Sciences • Manufacturing • Marine Industries 



    22222222222222222222.png59 companies’ corporate headquarters are in Palm Beach County • It's home to 3 fortune 500 companies • 5 of the 50 Largest Private Companies in Florida are headquartered here • 9 of the 50 Largest Public Companies in Florida are headquartered here • We’re home to some of the finest manufacturers in the world  




    Palm Beach County was recently ranked #23 in the 2016 Top 30 Big Cities and ranked #48 in the 2016 100 Leading Locations by Area Development.



    44444444444.pngThree Palm Beach County Public high schools were ranked in top 100 nationwide on a list by The Washington Post showing the most challenging high schools in the nation (2014), two Palm Beach County universities were ranked in 50 Best Colleges by the Sea (2015), and some of Palm Beach County's 2015 high school graduates are headed off to Ivy League schools.




    Palm Beach County was named the most inexpensive place to run a medical device plant (The Boyd Co. 2016). It's also been ranked among the best places to operate a bioscience research and development facility.

    666666.pngPalm Beach County International Airport ranked among the top 10 airports in America and called "easiest airport in the region" (Conde Nast Traveler, 2015).  Port of Palm Beach was ranked the #2 fastest growing export port in America (joc.com, 2015). 






    -NO corporate income tax on limited partnerships.
    -NO corporate income tax on subchapter S-corporations.
    -NO state personal income tax guaranteed by constitutional provision.
    -NO corporate franchise tax on capital stock.
    -NO state-level property tax assessed.
    -NO property tax on business inventories.
    -NO property tax on goods-in-transit for up to 180 days.
    -NO sales and use tax on goods manufactured or produced in Florida for      export outside the state.
    -NO sales tax on purchases of raw materials incorporated in a final product  for resale, including non-reusable containers or packaging.
    -NO sales/use tax on co-generation of electricity.


    88888.pngFlorida offers Sales and Use Tax Exemptions on a wide variety of costs associated with the production and manufacturing of goods and services such as machinery and equipment; labor, parts, and material for repair of machinery and equipment; electricity used; certain fuels; many aspects used in R&D; myriad items associated with commercial space exploration and aircraft; and TV, movie, music video, and musical recording production.




    Palm Beach County is centrally located within the tri-county area (Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties) with 5.8 million potential employees and consumers.







    -Pro-business environment. 
    -Low business and living costs. 
    -A solid infrastructure system. 
    -A skilled and educated workforce. 
    -Superior education and job training. 
    -High-quality healthcare. 
    -A great place to raise a family. 
    -The perfect climate all year-round.


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    • Why Palm Beach County?

      There’s a place where some of the nation’s largest companies are headquartered, and more relocate here every day. A place with a pro-business and highly favorable tax environment – both for you AND your business – with no personal state income tax and no corporate income tax on limited partnerships and sub chapter S-corporations; with a long list of sales and use tax exemptions; a place you already know as one of the most beautiful in the country: Palm Beach County, Florida.

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    • The Perfect Business Climate

      In today’s highly competitive business environment, every advantage counts. It is mission-critical to find a location that affords your business every opportunity for success. To that end, Palm Beach County excels in all of these areas: A well-educated workforce, an advantageous pro-business climate, access to high-quality healthcare, a strong housing market, and a great place for your employees to raise a family.

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    About the BDB

    The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, Florida, is the public/private economic development entity for the County and Enterprise Florida, the State’s official economic development organization.

    Founded in 1982 as a not-for-profit corporation, our primary purpose is to attract and retain new industry, business investment, high-quality jobs, and workforce development through corporate relocations, expansions, and international trade, stimulating economic energy, promoting business diversity, and enriching the County’s vitality.

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